Spill Response Ltd is an Emergency Spill Response Service operating 24/7. We provide rapid response to pollution discharges of environmentally hazardous substances to protect people, property, and the environment. Our experienced consultants and technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to get you back to work quickly and safely and limit potential liability.

Programmed Maintenance & Disposal

We provide comprehensive programmed maintenance management with regular site maintenance, sediment and erosion control, storm water protection, flooding protection, drain maintenance, storm water filtration, waste and wash water treatment and recycling devices, hazardous material disposal and pollution control and treatment devices.

Emergency Spill Response

We provide rapid response, 24/7, to pollution of environmentally hazardous substances, to protect people, property and the environment. Our emergency spill response services includes site safety assessment; containment and cleanup of spill and disposal of contamination to the Auckland Council licenced facility (nature and quantities of substance are detailed for your information). Liason with relavent authorities, site remediation and monitoring are also available if required.

Spill & Environmental Training

Spill Response provides site and activity specific emergancy spill response training for industry and trade. The training is designed to reduce your individual risk of spills in the workplace and to prepare your staff on how to safely and effectively respond in a spill situation

Legislative Compliance

Spill Response offers the preparation and submission of environmental management plans (EMP), environmental site assessments, resource consent applications and conditions monitoring, discharge to trade waste system applications and condition monitoring, water sampling and reporting. Contaminated site investigation, decomtamination and remediation, emmisions testing and air quality, marine ecology and biodiversity surveys are also available as required.

Water Sampling & Monitoring

Spill Response offers reporting, monitoring and sampling of waste water wastes.

Spill Kits

Spill Response assesses your spill risk and advises on your specific spill kit requirements. A full range of kits ranging from onboard vehicle kits, workshop and industrial first response kits are available from Spill Response.